Student Projects in Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine/Pathology, Oral/Maxillofacial Radiology

Academic Years
 2006/2007  | 2005/2006  | 2003/2004  | 2002/2003  | 2001/2002  | 20007/2008  |  All
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Microbiology And Antibiotic Sensitivity Of Postsurgical Orofacial Infections At Knh And Undh Dr. G. B. Barasa 20007/2008 View Details
Aetiology Patterns And Management Of Oral And Maxillofacial Injuries At The Oral And Jaw Injuries Unit Of Mulago National Referral Hospital. A 10-year Audit Dr. I. I. Tugaineyo 20007/2008 View Details
Serum Vitamin B12 Antifollate In The Nonsmoker-nondrinker With Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Dr. A. M. Ikito 20007/2008 View Details
Clinico-histopathologic Study Of Maxillofacial Sarcomas Seen At The University Of Nairobi Dental Hospital: A 10-year Review Dr. M. W. Kamau 2006/2007 View Details
Aetiology, Occurrence And Clinical Characteristics Of Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries Treated At A Major Teaching And Referral Hospital In Nairobi Dr. M. W. Kamau 2006/2007 View Details
Irf6 Gene Variant In Non-syndromic Clefts Of The Lip And/ Or Palate In A Kenyan Population Dr. E. Nyamu 2005/2006 View Details
Clinico-histopathologic Variations And Aetiological Factors Associated With Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma At Two Hospital In Nairobi, Kenya Dr. Penny Muange 2005/2006 View Details
Pattern Of Occurrence Of Jaw Cysts And Cyst-like Lesions At The University Of Nairobi Dental Hospital: 10 Year Histopathologic Audit Dr. C. S. Micha 2006/2007 View Details
Morphometric Correlation Of Kenyan Adult Mandibles With Reconstruction Implants Dr. A. O. Kenyanya 2003/2004 View Details
Clinico-histopathologic Features Of Paediatric Orofacial Malignant Neoplasms Dr. B. O. Sanya 2005/2006 View Details
Costs Of Providing Maxillofacial Surgical Services – A Case Study At A Teaching Dental Hospital Dr. J. K. Kimotho 2003/2004 View Details
Oral And Craniofacial Anomalies Among New Births At Two Hospitals In Nairobi Dr. A. Odhiambo 2003/2004 View Details
Determination Of Acute Complications Of Head & Neck Radiotherapy Their Impact On Treatment And Quality Of Life Dr. S. M. Mlamba 2002/2003 View Details
Prevalence Of Head And Neck Neoplasms In Hiv Infected Patients Seen At Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. F. M. Butt 2002/2003 View Details
Characteristic Radiological & Histological Patterns Of Jaw Fibrous Dysplasia And Ossifying Fibroma Dr. J. R. L. Moshy 2002/2003 View Details
Determination Of The Pattern Of Occurrence Of The Diverse Histopathological Sub-types Of Ameloblastoma In A Nairobi Centre Dr. A. Vilembwa 2002/2003 View Details
Current Pattern Of Road Traffic Accidents Maxillofacial & Associated Injuries Dr. M. K. Akama 2001/2002 View Details
Pattern Of Occurrence Of The Lip And/palate Among Kenyans Presenting For Treatment At Selected Hospitals Dr. T. M. Osundwa 2001/2002 View Details
Pattern Of Adult Hiv Infection- Associated Orofacial Lesions And Their Relationship With Arv Therapy Immune Status And Tuberculosis In A Nairobi Centre Dr. J K. Koech 2001/2002 View Details
Pattern Of Injuries In The Oral & Maxillofacial Region Among Patients Attending Selected Hospitals In Nairobi Dr. W. A. Odhiambo 2001/2002 View Details