The department conclude successful examinations in a difficult academic year
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Tue, 2017-10-03 11:28

The 2016 – 2017 academic year has no doubt been one of the most challenging in the University calendar in the recent past. The University suffered disruption of learning due to multiple workers strike occasioned by the demand of improved terms of services through the signing and implementation of the collective bargain agreement (CBA) between the staff unions and the University management. The learning was further interrupted by 3weeks closure in August due to the general elections. In addition to the above disruptions, learning at the College of Health Sciences had been brought to a complete halt by the doctors’ strike that lasted for 100 days before the onset of strikes called by University staff unions.

These multiple closures threw the academic programs into confusion with resultant adverse effect on learning. Clinical teaching was affected both during the doctors’ strike and the lecturers’ strike which led to interruption in patient treatments with some patients opting to seek treatment in other centers, thus being lost to follow up.

Like most clinical teaching units in the University, the department of OMFS-OPOM, was subjected to extreme pressure to cope with the adjustments made in the teaching and examination schedules so as to compensate for the lost time. For the first time, the department was forced to conduct examinations in some classes while concurrently continuing routine teaching in other classes. The fifth year bachelor of dental surgery were taking their final year examinations that were meant to have been done in June, while their fourth year counterpart had already reported to commence their academic year in September. The postgraduate examinations that have been previously held in July/August were also moved to September/October.

These changes have occasioned strain that have not only affected the students but the teaching and support staff have borne the brunt as well. There has been less time for research work and hardly any to prepare manuscripts for publications. The teaching burden has been amplified by the cancellation of the pending annual leave days and recall of staff from leave.

Despite these challenges the examinations went on smoothly and I therefore, take this opportunity on behalf of the department to express appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of all the staff members; academic and para-academic.

I wish to particularly single out the senior-most academic staff members, who despite having served the department for many years continue to provide exemplary academic wisdom and leadership.

The department was also able to accomplish various administrative requirements including signing the 2017/2018 performance contract with the Dean of the School of Dental Sciences in an event witnessed by the Acting Principal of the College of Health Sciences.

We strive to remain a world-class department in the training of oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral pathology and oral medicine and to offer state of the art clinical services to our patients.

Thank You All





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