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Date and time: 
Tue, 2016-01-19 11:54
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School of Dental Sciences

Sharing a light moment with the external examiner;  Prof. Guthua (Department of OMFS), Prof. Arotiba (Dean School of dentistry, University of Lagos, external examiner), Prof. Gathece (Dean School of Dental Sciences, University of Nairobi ) and Dr. Walter Odhiambo (Chairman department of OMFS-OPOM)

Dinner with external examiners; the department has made it a tradition to have a post-examination dinner with the external examiners which creates an opportunity for informal friendly interaction and exchange of varied ideas that range from academics to politics among others. (The dinner is sponsored by the academic staff members).

Have this;We not only create partnership with our external examiners but also accord them opportunities to partner with other external examiners; Dr. Vuhahula (left) from Muhimbili University (Tanzania) receives a gift of a book from Prof. Arotiba, dean of dental school University of Lagos(Nigeria). Both were examining in our 2015 examinations.

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